• In entering this event all participants have agreed to an event waiver whereby they enter and participate at their own risk, and are responsible for their own actions at all times with no liability to the organisers, sponsors, or associated parties.
  • Participants under age 16 must be entered by their parent or guardian.
  • The organisers may alter, postpone or cancel the event, without refund.
  • Entries are not transferable to another participant, unless done so officially by the organiser.
  • Participants wanting to change events must do so officially. On race week this is done only at Race Pack Pick Up.
  • Participants must start at the official allotted start time for the distance they have entered.
  • Participants must follow the course route as outlined on the website and/or race programme.
  • Participants must give way to traffic at all times.
  • Participants must follow and/or stay within all course markings such as arrows, tape, signs and cones. 
  • Participants must obey officials, traffic management providers, Police and first aid personnel at all times. 
  • Participants must follow the course as laid out in the event programme and/or event briefing.
  • Roller blades, skateboards, scooters, bicycles and dogs are prohibited from the course.
  • Participants must not be accompanied by anyone not entered in the event, except in the Kids Magic Mile where parents or guardians are welcome to accompany their children on foot free of charge.
  • All participants must attend the pre-race briefing on the start line, 15min prior to each start.
  • The start line is divided into zones of expected finish times. Participants must line up in a realistic time zone.
  • Participants must not drop any sort of litter outside of official drink station zones (100m either side).
  • This event is an officially sanctioned athletic event run under International Athletic Federation rules administered by Athletics New Zealand. Participants should be aware of that failure to comply with those rules of the sport may result in disqualification from the event.
  • The organisers reserve the right to withdraw and/or disqualify any participant who, A) does not comply with race rules, B) they consider unsafe to continue due to medical reasons.
  • Any protest regarding any aspect of the event must be made in writing to the race director no later than 1:00pm on race day.


  • Walkers must only walk! Entrants wishing to walk/jog must enter as runners.
  • The Walk categories are not official race walk events. Any walk technique is allowed provided one foot is in contact with the ground at all times.
  • The Walks will be scrutineered to ensure the above. If a walker is judged to be running, they will be "promoted" to the running section of the results. 
  • Walkers must wear the yellow ankle strap provided in there race pack and race numbers must be visible on the outside of clothing at all times. 
  • Walkers must line up toward the rear of their event.
  • Walkers on their return journey must walk to one side of the course whenever possible to allow runners past.
  • Walkers on the return journey between Evans Bay corner and Oriental Bay/Herd St, must walk on the footpath.

Race Numbers

  • Race numbers must be worn high on your chest and be visible at all times.
  • Entrant's must wear the race number assigned to them. Please be careful not to mix up your number with another entrant.
  • The race number has an electronic timing chip on the back, as per below.
  • The race number has a QR code on the back that is a direct link to live race day results.

Electronic Timing Transponders

  • Your Race Number has a disposable electronic Timing Transponder stuck on the back.
  • The Timing Transponder is programmed to your name, event and the correct start time. Do not mix up your Race Number/Transponder with another participant, and make sure you start with the correct event.
  • We do not take responsibility for incorrect results where participants started with the wrong event, or mixed up their Number/Transponder with another participant, or failed to wear the Number/Transponder.
  • The Timing Transponders is disposable. We do not need it back.

Course Cut Off

The Full Marathon has a cut off at the end of their first lap (22k) of 11:00am. Those not making this cut-off cannot continue into the second lap. But they will be allowed to finish as a Half Marathoner.

NB:  Due to road restrictions, the roading controls close at 1:00pm. This is not an issue as the last 8k of the course has wide footpaths and the last 2.5k is within the wharves. But please be aware that while the finish will remain open after 1:00pm, all participants still on-course will be responsible for their own safety, direction and support. And the 11:00am cut-off to finish the first lap of the 42k still applies.


Road Controls

There will be road controls in place on most parts of the course... BUT... this does not mean their will be no vehicles on the course. We must cater for traffic movements at major intersections, resident movements on the course, and access for emergency vehicles. At all times you must watch for traffic and obey marshal and traffic management instruction. Course marshals are in place for direction and safety only. Where traffic is involved, participants must take responsibility for their own decisions and actions.

NB:   Due to road closure restrictions the course organisation is officially closed at 1:00pm. The finish line will remain open, but participants still on-course will be responsible for their own safety and support, and must run/walk on footpaths.

Earbud & Headphone Sound Devices

  • The use is headphone and earbud-type sound devices that cover or insert into your ear is strongly discouraged. These impede your ability to hear officials, vehicles and other runners around you and often lead to accidents.
  • If you choose to wear earbuds or headphones, please turn off any noise-cancelling function so you can better hear what is happening around you.


There is no car parking on the course. Cars parked on the course will be towed at the owner's expense. For parking and transport options... Click Here.


  • Entrants must be prepared for the possibility of cold weather and dress accordingly.
  • Please bring spare clothing for after you finish.
  • It is very unlikely that the event would be called off for weather.
  • The race organisers reserve the right to change or cancel the event. In either event, entry fees are non-refundable.

First Aid Assistance

  • First Aid is provided at Sky Stadium, at Aid Stations (approx every 5k), and roving on the course.
  • In the event of collapse or severe medical incident, do not move the patient. Make another participant run to the nearest Aid Station or marshal and they will arrange for First Aid. Keep the participant warm while waiting for First Aid.